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Select Issues in Representing HPD Supervised Mitchell-Lama Cooperatives, New York Real Property Law Journal

By Adam Leitman Bailey New York City Mitchell-Lama cooperatives provide heavily publicly subsidized maintenance payments to those lucky enough to call them home. The New York City Mitchell-Lama program provides 54,000 homes to persons whose financial circumstances would otherwise negate such a possibility. As a result, Mitchell-Lama cooperatives are extremely popular and have decade long  Full Article…


In the Spotlight: Drafting Better Leases for the Commercial Tenant,” Law Journal Newsletters

By Adam Leitman Bailey and John M. Desiderio Too many tenants’ businesses have suffered severe financial consequences or lost leases as a result of poorly drafted provisions. Therefore, it is imperative that tenants negotiate better commercial leases in order to protect their interests. The suggestions in this article provide proposed remedies for a few of  Full Article…


Defining When “Time is of the Essence”

By: Adam Leitman Bailey & John M. Desiderio May 9th, 2007 The Court of Appeals has recently reemphasized, for sellers’ attorneys, the importance of drafting clear and unequivocal “time of the essence” clauses in those real estate contracts where circumstances justify conditioning the sale upon the buyer’s timely performance of one or more stated conditions.  Full Article…


Letting Go of Leases and Allowing Licenses

By: Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman May 1st, 2005 Why Licenses? Inevitably, when courts seek to readjust the balance between landowners and non-owner occupants, owners’ counsel will reach into the ancient common-law toolbox to find occupancy arrangements that give owners the panoply of rights and remedies they thought they enjoyed as landlords. In the movie Jurassic Park,  Full Article…