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The Evolution of Rent Stabilization by Ambush, New York Law Journal

July 21st, 2008 Ever since its initial passage in 1969, the entire concept of rent stabilization has been fraught with controversy.1 While public policy experts continue to debate the wisdom of the existence of the entire system, legal experts are left to puzzle out when and where it does and does not apply. The over-arching  Full Article…


Amended Rules on Deemed Leases and Preferential Rents, Apartment Law Insider

February 21st, 2014 On Jan. 8, 2014, the DHCR issued the first amendments to the Rent Stabilization Code in some 14 years. While the new amendments—27 in all—do have the virtue of making the applicable law easier to find, gathering it all into one place, for the most part, these amendments will simply increase the  Full Article…


Q & A: What to Expect After Deregulation

Q.My rent-stabilized apartment in New York City has just become deregulated as a result of high rent/high income deregulation. Is the landlord legally required to give me first consideration on a new lease at market rate, and must that new rate be reasonable and legally fair?