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Can Co-ops Allow Roommates?

Can Co-ops Allow Roommates? Q:I live in a self-managed co-op and we are getting conflicting information about whether co-ops can disallow roommates or not. We’ve heard that the board of directors has absolute decision making power over whether or not to allow roommates to move into a co-op. Others say it should be voted on  Full Article…


Select Issues in Representing HPD Supervised Mitchell-Lama Cooperatives, New York Real Property Law Journal

By Adam Leitman Bailey New York City Mitchell-Lama cooperatives provide heavily publicly subsidized maintenance payments to those lucky enough to call them home. The New York City Mitchell-Lama program provides 54,000 homes to persons whose financial circumstances would otherwise negate such a possibility. As a result, Mitchell-Lama cooperatives are extremely popular and have decade long  Full Article…