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When Can Condo and Co-op Boards Fine the Owners and Residents?

January 30, 2018 By Adam Leitman Bailey and John M. Desiderio Adam Leitman Bailey and John M. Desiderio review the authority given to boards of condominiums and cooperative corporations to impost and enforce respectively on condo unit owners and cooperative shareholder-tenants who violate building house rules. This article will review the authority given to boards  Full Article…


Can Co-ops Allow Roommates?

Can Co-ops Allow Roommates? Q:I live in a self-managed co-op and we are getting conflicting information about whether co-ops can disallow roommates or not. We’ve heard that the board of directors has absolute decision making power over whether or not to allow roommates to move into a co-op. Others say it should be voted on  Full Article…


Cooperative Foreclosure: The Accidental Doctrine

By Adam Leitman Bailey and Dov Treiman Although the lack of judicial supervision of the cooperative foreclosure process for default upon cooperative apartment mortgages vastly simplifies the lives of lenders’ counsel, under the latest changes in the foreclosure statutes, it creates a nightmare for the title industry insuring titles down the line from such a  Full Article…