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New Rules of Substantial Rehabilitation to Remove Units from Rent Regulation

By Adam Leitman Bailey and Dov Treiman December 11, 2018 In their Real Estate Trends column, Adam Leitman Bailey and Dov Treiman discuss a pair of new decisions from the Appellate Term, First Department which have toughened the standards under which a landlord may claim a substantial rehabilitation exemption from rent stabilization, the effect of  Full Article…


Getting a Brokerage Commission Paid

By: Adam Leitman Bailey & Jeffrey R. Metz February 20th, 2013 Brokers who deal with commercial properties are increasingly being denied their duly earned commissions. Given the multi-million transactions that are often involved in the world of commercial real estate in New York City, these commissions can be considerable and worth fighting over. Many of  Full Article…


The Availability of Self-Help Evictions to Commercial Landlords

By: Adam Leitman Bailey & John M. Desiderio January 1st, 2006 A landlord may re-enter leased commercial premises peaceably, without resorting to court process, in those states where it is permitted, if the right to do so is expressly reserved in a commercial lease, either a) upon the tenant’s defaulting on the payment of rent  Full Article…