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Q & A: Who Pays for Water Leak?

Q. I own a cooperative apartment in Brooklyn and I’m hoping you could offer an opinion on a plumbing issue. In my bathroom I have two water valves protruding from the wall that control the hot and cold water flow to the sink and the tub. The problem is when I close the hot water  Full Article…


Q & A: Creaks, Leaks and the Law, The Cooperator

By Adam Leitman Bailey Q. I recently purchased a unit in a newly built condominium complex in Manhattan. Upon moving into my apartment, I discovered that the plumbing systems did not function. In addition, the shelves in the kitchen were improperly installed, the floors were chipped and the roof leaked. Unfortunately, I had already closed  Full Article…


Q & A: Breaking the Mold, The Cooperator

By Adam Leitman Bailey Q. I live in a prewar cooperative in Manhattan. As a result of a number of leaks during the past few years from either the apartment upstairs or pipes from inside the building’s walls, a black wet substance has filled part of my bathroom and bedroom walls and ceiling. When attempting  Full Article…