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Negotiating RPAPL §881 License Agreements

By Adam Leitman Bailey, John M. Desiderio, and Joanna Peck Feb 20, 2018 Adam Leitman Bailey, John Desiderio, and Joanna Peck discuss practical considerations for parties to consider when negotiating RPAPL §881 licensing agreements, noting that although §881 was once described as a “little-used law” it is now required reading for all attorneys with developer  Full Article…


In The Spotlight: Negotiating a Rooftop Antenna Contract

By Adam Leitman Bailey and Dov Treiman As real estate values rise, building usage change, and cell phone and Internet communications become universal, wireless telecommunications companies have become popular defendants in civil court. In certain instances, owners are examining their rooftop antenna agreements to determine if they can terminate them. Many of these owners wanted  Full Article…


Letting Go of Leases and Allowing Licenses

By: Adam Leitman Bailey & Dov Treiman May 1st, 2005 Why Licenses? Inevitably, when courts seek to readjust the balance between landowners and non-owner occupants, owners’ counsel will reach into the ancient common-law toolbox to find occupancy arrangements that give owners the panoply of rights and remedies they thought they enjoyed as landlords. In the movie Jurassic Park,  Full Article…